Second IGF Meeting: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The second meeting of the IGF was held in Rio de Janeiro on 12-15 November 2007.

The overall theme was: 'Internet Governance for Development'

The Chairman's summary of the meeting is available.

Transcripts of the following main sessions are available:

The schedule for the Rio de Janeiro meeting is available here. A printable version is also available.

All organizers of workshops, best practice forums, open forums and dynamic coalition meetings are invited to upload reports of their meeting using the web interface they used to provide their session information. (In case of technical difficulties they may contact the IGF Secretariat at [email protected]). 

Submitted event reports can be viewed here.

All the main sessions were video cast and all other sessions were audio cast. All web casts will be made available on the IGF web site in due course.

Some of the statements and interventions that were made during the various sessions can be read here.

A list of registered participants for the meeting can be viewed here.

The breakdown of attendance by region and stakeholder group is available. 



The final version of a synthesis paper that summarizes the content of contributions received as well as the discussions of the open consultations is now available in all UN languages:

[عربي] [中文][English] [Français] [Русский] [Espanol]


Advisory Group

The mandate of the Advisory Group for the Internet Governance Forum has been renewed. The press release announcing the new mandate can be viewed here. The list of members is available here.

The Advisory Group met in Geneva on 4 - 5 September 2007. The agenda is available here.

A summary report of the meeting is available.

A new version of the draft programme, as revised by the Advisory Group, is available here.


The Secretary-General's invitation

The Secretary-General has issued an invitation to all stakeholders to attend the second meeting of the IGF, hosted by the Government of Brazil. The meeting will take place in Rio de Janeiro on 12 - 15 November 2007.


Consultations on Programme and Schedule

The full transcript of the consultations of 3 September is available. The audio and video archives will be made available in due course.

A draft agenda for the open consultations is available.

A second round of consultations open to all stakeholders was held in Geneva on 23 May 2007. The consultations were part of a cluster of WSIS related events which took place in Geneva from 15-25 May, 2007. A full transcript of the proceedings is available.


Taking Stock of the Athens Meeting

A stock taking session took place in Geneva on 13 February 2007.

The full transcript of the meeting is available for download and the Chairman's closing remarks can be downloaded separately for easy access. The Web cast of the session can be accessed here and a list of participants is available. Audio recordings of the interventions are also available.

A synthesis paper summarizing contributions submitted by stakeholders was made available prior to the meeting.